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Hito Pak Backpack for Pak Hope

About Us

Welcome to Pak Hope - a non-profit organization dedicated to providing practical needs and hope to the unhoused in our communities. The Hito Pak backpack itself stands as a symbol of care and consideration. Constructed with weatherproof 600 denier fabric, it provides protection against the elements, keeping the contents safe and secure. To enhance safety during low visibility times, we have integrated reflectors into the design. Moreover, we've made sure to design the backpack oversized, allowing for extra storage, recognizing that many unhoused individuals carry their lives with them.  Every Hito Pak includes essentials like soap, socks, blankets, and more.  Our mission extends beyond material support; we strive to remind the unhoused that their identity is not defined by their circumstances, empowering them with hope and dignity. Join us in making a positive impact, as we work together to uplift lives and create a world where compassion and love take priority.

Board of Directors

Vin, Board Director Pak Hope
Paul Board Member Pak Hope
Jeff Board Member Pak Hope

Vin Latteri
Board Director

Paul Greive
Board Member

Jeff McDaniel

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